An entirely new kind of acoustic  panel.

3D crimp staple fiber and recycled PET
                    Melted PET filaments jointed together
                    Combed  filament with needle punched
                    Color master batch inject filament
                    Low water permeability and moisture absorption
                    Horizontal and vertical fibers intertwined together
                    ASTM E84 testing for 43
                    NRC ratings 0.8 with cavity
                    No toxic, no odor and low VOC
                    No risk of skin irritation or respiratory problems
                    Flexible facade finishing with pin able
                    Heat treatment up to 200 degrees
                    Stable PET material and panel structure
                Low-carbon and environmentally unharmful

                  Made from 100% polyester
                  No glue and adhesive inside
                  Structurally rigid
                  Color duration
                  Water resistant
                  Impact resistant
                  Fire Retardant
                  Great acoustical performance
                  Formaldehyde free
                  Tackable surface
                  Bacteria and fungi resistant
                  At least 10-year durability guarantee
                  Recycled and recyclable